Why does this page exist?

This website is populated with AI-generated content. Except for the Privacy Policy and this page, no content on this website was authored by a human. We created this website for a few reasons

It is cool

It is really fun experience testing generative AI such as ChatGPT and Midjourney. These tools are far from perfect, nor do they replace humans. Yet, they are interesting and demonstrate how far research has progressed in this area.

We run web analytics experiments

This site is used as a clickstream and link analytics solution for our privacy-first web analytics solution, the Wide Angle Analytics. If you are in the market for GDPR-compliant web analytics which provide reliable metrics, avoiding unfair Adblockers, look no further.

Wide Angle Analytics delivers strictly compliant solution, built and hosted in the European Union.

Our portfolio of useful reports and dashboards is growing constantly, and we are happy to support your online growth while respecting your visitors' privacy.

If you want to learn check how our web analytics solution compares Google Analytics and other analytics solutions.

This website was created using generative AI. Do not take any dog-related advice from this website seriously. Read more on About page.